Releasing your Game

Optimize your Game

Make your game load a lot faster and run smoother by optimizing your CSS, Javascript and images.

For CSS and Javascript well... minify... Duh. The smaller they are, the less bandwidth they'll consume and the faster your game will load.

For images, optimize them so they don't take too long to load.

Protecting Your Game

Hide Your Script

Not everyone wants the whole game to be exposed right? well, luckily for you, there are ways to "hide" all the code. Now, forget hiding the HTML and CSS that's just wrong, however your Javascript is the real treasure here, and you have 3 options to protect it.

Option 1: Gather all the Javascript Files in one, and use a Javascript obfuscator. This will make your code unreadable by humans but sadly there are some ways to deobfuscate it.

Option 2: Serve each label or part of your game via requests to a server. This is... well, people will still be able to see it on every request, but at least it will take them more time and sadly means a lot of work for you.

Option 3: Don't put your game online, create a Native App.

Protecting Your Images

Sadly, there's no way to protect your images on the web... at least not an easy one, therefore if you really need them to be protected, then you'll have to create a native application but don't worry, that's not too hard!